Table of Contents



Part One: The Early Years

Part Two My Years with Mr. Rockefeller and His Philanthropies

  • Mr. Rockefeller Invites Me to New York
  • The Organization of Mr. Rockefeller’s Private Benevolence
  • Three Business Excursions
  • In Mr. Rockefeller’s Private Office
  • The Lake Superior Consolidated Iron Mines
  • The Origin of the Rockefeller Institute
  • The Rockefeller Institute— “The Most Interesting Thing in This World”
  • University Expansion
  • Mr. Rockefeller and Dr. Harper
  • The Tainted-Money Controversy
  • Mr. Rockefeller’s Philanthropies—Their Scope and Purpose
  • Mr. Rockefeller’s Benefactions—Their Spirit
  • The Origin and Policies of the General Education Board
  • Farm Demonstration
  • The Hookworm Campaign
  • Full Time in Medicine
  • The Rockefeller Foundation
  • Mr. Rockefeller and My Personal Relations with Him
  • John D. Rockefeller, Junior
  • My Resignation
  • The Policies of the General Education Board—Their History
  • Some Elements of an Effective System of Scientific Medicine in the United States

The Frederick Taylor Gates Lectures